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Armada Compaq Laptop M300 Maintenance and Service Guide PDF

The Armada Compaq Laptop M300 Maintenance and Service Guide has been released by HP at their website. The Armada Compaq Laptop M300 maintenance & service guide is provided in PDF document format (102-pages, PDF, 1.67MB) that you can download directly from HP website. You can read this Armada Compaq Laptop M300 service guide by using PDF reader software/application. The Armada Compaq Laptop M300 service guide contains complete reference information about how to operate & self service the Armada Compaq M300 laptop properly, such as how to replacing the hardrive, how to replacing the battery, basic troubleshooting and many more.

Table of Contetns :

The Compaq Armada M300 Series of Personal Computers is an ultralight 3.1 to
3.3 pound (1.4 to 1.5 kg) computer (depending on configuration). It allows users high mobility, provides a full set of system ports, and when paired with the optional MobileExpansion Unit (MEU), transforms into a full-function portable with enterprise docking capability.

Features of Compaq Armada M300 Series 

The computer has the following features:
  • Intel Pentium III 500-MHz, Intel Pentium II 333-MHz, or Celeron 450- or 333-MHz processor, with 256-KB integrated L2 cache (Pentium III or II) or 128-KB integrated L2 cache (Celeron), depending on computer model.
  • ATI RAGE LT Pro, 4-MB SGRAM (synchronous graphics).
  • Standard 64-MB high-performance synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), expandable to 512 MB.
  • Dual preinstall of Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows NT 2000 preinstalled*.
  • 11.3-inch XGA CTFT (1024  × 768) and 11.3-inch SVGA CTFT (800  × 600) displays with 16 million colors, depending on computer model.
  • Keyboard is 95 percent of full-size with TouchPad pointing device.
  • Full set of ports on system (serial, parallel, USB, Infrared, VGA) 
  • Mini PCI 56K V.90 modem, or optional Mini PCI V.90 plus 10/100 NIC combo card.
  • One Type II PC Card slot with support for both 32-bit CardBus and 16-bit PC Cards; zoomed video support.
  • External AC adapter with power cord.
  • Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery packs.
         - Standard: 4 cell, 26 Watt hours (externally attaches to computer).
         - Optional: 6 cell, 40 Watt hours (externally attaches to computer)
         - Optional: MultiBay (for mobile expansion unit)
  • High-capacity SMART hard drives, 12.0-, 6.4-, and 4.3-GB, with DriveLock security and Prefailure Warranty, depending on computer model.
  • Ultraportable form factor, 0.89 inch (2.3 cm) thin with weight starting at 3.1 lb. (1.4 kg), depending on configuration.
  • Standard external diskette drive (attaches to system through the parallel port or fitsinto the mobile expansion unit diskette drive bay).
  • Optional Mobile Expansion Unit (MEU) conveniently adds:
        - Dedicated diskette drive bay
        - Flexible MultiBay that accommodates: 24X MAX CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive, SuperDisk LS-120 drive, weight saver, second Li-Ion battery or secondary 6.4-GB hard drive.
        - Additional ports: parallel, serial, audio in/out, VGA, USB, PS/2 (2), AC power in, CPUconnector, docking connector.
        - Stereo speakers  providing   Compaq PremierSound 16-bit stereo sound
        - Robust, common enterprise docking solution.

Computer External Components:

1. Display switch: Turns off the computer display if the computer is closed while on.
2. Scroll lock light: On: Scroll lock is on.
3. Caps lock light: On: Caps lock is on.
4. Num lock light: On: Num lock is on and the embedded numeric keypad is enabled.
5.Hard drive light: On: The primary hard drive is being accessed.
6. Diskette drive light: On: The external diskette drive is being accessed.
7. Internal microphone: Supports audio input when the display is open or closed.
8. Suspend button: Initiates and exits Suspend.* When pressed with the  Fn  key, initiates Hibernation.
9. Windows application key: Displays shortcut menu for item beneath mouse cursor.
10. Battery light: - On: The battery pack is charging.
      - Blinking: The battery pack, that is the only available power source, has reached a low-battery condition.
11. Power/suspend light: - On: Power is turned on.
                                      - Off: Power is turned off.
                                      - Blinking: Computer is in Suspend.*
12. Right mouse button: Functions like the right click button of an external mouse.
13. Left mouse button: Functions like the left-click button of an external mouse. Used with the TouchPad to drag and highlight.
14. TouchPad: Moves the mouse cursor, selects, and activates.
15. Microsoft logo key: Displays Windows Start menu.

How to Clearing Password:
1.  Turn off the computer.
2.  Disconnect the computer (Section 5.4).
3.  Remove the battery pack (Section 5.6).
4.  Disconnect and remove the Real Time Clock (RTC) battery (Section 5.10).
5.  Wait five minutes.
6.  Reconnect the RTC battery.
7.  Reconnect the AC Adapter. Do  not reinstall the battery pack yet.
8.  Turn on the computer.
NOTE: Remember to set the date and time the next time the computer is turned on.

The following download link is for Armada Compaq Laptop M300 service guide & troubleshooting. The service guide is provided by HP website. The service guide offers comprehensive information about the PC that would be useful for any of you who are using this computer.

Download Armada Compaq Laptop M300 Maintenance & service guide.pdf
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