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SONY Xperia™ Z3 Manual Guide PDF Download

The SONY Xperia™  Z3 manual guide has been released by Sony at their website. The The SONY Xperia™  Z3 manual guide is provided in PDF document format (144-pages, PDF, 1.51 MB) that you can download directly from Sony website. You can read this The SONY Xperia™  Z3 manual guide by using PDF reader software/application. The The SONY Xperia™  Z3 manual guide contains complete reference information about how to operate the The SONY Xperia™  Z3 Phone  properly, such as how to use the hardware, how to insert the nano SIM, charging teh battery, device security, creating and  setting, basic troubleshooting and many more. The device only supports nano SIM cards.

Table Contents:
- Getting started
- Device security
- Learning the basics
- Downloading applications
- Internet and networks
- Synchronising data on your device
- Basic settings
- Typing text
- Calling
- Contacts
- Messaging and chat
- Email
- Music
- FM Radio
- Camera
- Photos and Video On Album
- Video
- Connectivity
- Smart apps and features that save you  time
- Travel an Maps
- Calendar and alarm clock
- Accessibility
- Support and maintenance
1 Charging/Notification light
2 Headset jack
3 Second microphone
4 Proximity/Light sensor
5 Ear speaker/Second speaker
6 Front camera lens
7 Cover for nano SIM and memory card slot
8 Power key
9 Volume/Zoom key
10 Camera key
11 Main microphone/Speaker

12 Main camera lens
13 Camera light
14 GPS antenna area
15 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna area
16 Cover for charger/USB cable port
17 NFC™ detection area
18 Charging dock connector
19 Strap hole

Resetting a forgotten screen lock:
If you’ve forgotten your screen lock PIN, password or pattern, you might be able to reset it using the Protection by my Xperia service. No content on your device is lost after you have performed a screen lock reset using the Protection by my Xperia service

To reset the screen lock using Protection by my Xperia:
1. Make sure you know your Google™ account username and password and that you have enabled the Protection by my Xperia service on your device.
2. Go to using any Internet-connected device.
3. Sign in using the same Google™ account that you have set up on your device.
4. Click the picture of your device under Your devices.
5. Select Lock or Change PIN2 to replace the current screen lock with a new PIN code.
6 Follow the on-screen instructions provided by Protection by my Xperia.

To add a trusted Bluetooth® device:
1. Make sure your device is paired and connected to the Bluetooth® device that you want to add as a trusted device.
2. In the Smart Lock menu, tap Trusted devices.
3. Tap Add trusted device > Bluetooth.
4. Tap a device name to select it from the list of connected devices. Only paired devices appear in this list.
5. Depending on the security of your connection, you may need to manually unlock your device before the trusted device can keep it unlocked.

To view your IMEI number:

1. Detach the cover of the SD card slot.
2. Using a fine-tipped pen or other similar tool, press the memory card inwards and then release it quickly.
3. Draw the memory card outwards and remove it fully.
4. Insert a fingernail, or a sharp object such as a pen, into the hole in the label tray, then drag the tray outwards to view your IMEI number.

To view your battery consumption and estimated battery time:
1. From your Home screen, tap  Menu.
2. Find and tap Settings > Battery usage. An overview appears showing battery usage data and an estimated battery time.
3. Review the information, then proceed as required, for example, uninstall an application or restrict its usage.

To view how much battery power applications use:
1. From your Home screen, tap  Menu.
2. Find and tap Settings > Apps.
3. Select an application and review its battery consumption via App info > Battery usage.

This SONY Xperia™  Z3 manual guide is available FREE at SONY  website, we merely collect the information, we neither affiliated with the author(s), the website and any brand(s) nor responsible for its content and change of content. 

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