Thursday, April 11, 2019

How to Solve Blogger Account Not Sign in Problem

                                BILAL AHMED TV
How to Solve Blogger Not Sign in Problem.
Mera Blogger Account Login nahi ho Raha.
My Blogger account is Not Login.

When you go for sign in blogger come back again main page
not sign in.
How to solve this problem?
If you have any new account for blogger
Or creat new account I already creat account of blogger make
profile 1st don’t go to google + profile because google plus delete
all profile from blogger
Creat new blogger url in your new account
After finsh your creat url
Go to settings
+ Add authors << click here
You write here email not sign in to blogger
I write email other not sign in to blogger add author
Login your gmail accept invitation
Now my account is working….
Before my blogger account is not working now again check
Its work try it…..
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